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Atlanta, GA 30342

Price: Type of Modality


W/O Contrast $500

W/ Contrast $600

W/ and W/O Contrast $700

W/ Arthrogram +$175


W/O Contrast (Including lung screen) $300

W/ Contrast $350

W/ and W/O Contrast $450

Cardiac Calcium Scoring $145

Full Body Screen (W/O Contrast) $895


Basic - LUQ,aorta, thyroid, kidney or renal $125

Complete - abdomen, pelvic (TV, TA) scrotal, RUQ $175

Vascular $250


2 Views Basic - left upper quad $50

3 Views Basic $100

4 Views or More Basic or Complete $200

Time Zone: EST

Scan Limitations: N/A

Help with patient transportation: Yes for MRI and CT only

Languages other than English: Spanish